Costco delivered for Free & $15 Credit with Google Express


It is hard to get out of Costco without dropping a hundred dollars, even when you go in just for paper towels. Which is why when someone said I could have it delivered I was thrilled! Not having to spend my Saturday going to Costco and dealing with the massive crowds is a great plus too. It is all possible with Google Express. Have you heard of Google Express yet? All of the stores below can be delivered to your door the same day or the next day.


Sign up for a membership now for FREE with code FREETIME, for 3 months, and use my code 7BF5KL4CQ for $15 off your first delivery. I ordered from Costco and it was delivered within 24 hours, with no shipping fees. Some of the stores have a minimum to receive free shipping, but most as low as $15 minimum. It will automatically sign you up for membership so be sure to mark in your calendar if you do not want to continue with the service. Also be sure to use the code 7BF5KL4CQ to receive $15 free credit towards your first order. Let me know how you liked the service, I hope you enjoy as much as I do!


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